Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2006

Four girls are lost on the prairie. Even for a melodrama, the acting is over the top.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


6 - 8 minutes

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  • 4 Females

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An excerpt …

(worst acting award?)

MATILTA: A poor, desperate mother … her husband lost in a blizzard somewhere near Butte, Montana … left alone and adrift and in deep despair with her three starving children in their shabby, roofless cabin!

BETSY: She tries desperately to keep her children warm!

WHEEZY: Mommy, wouldn’t we be warmer if we had a roof?

MATILTA: Oh, my children, we cannot afford a roof! Even the floor is borrowed from the neighbors! The walls are only painted on! We must suffer instead in silence and die in the snow!

NELLIE: Meanwhile, there are wolves at the door!

WHEEZY: Mama! Mama! There’s a wolf at the door!

MATILTA: Does he have a roof? Tell him to go away! We have no time for visitors!

WHEEZY: But he’s looking at me with hungry eyes, Mama!

MATILTA: Then we shall surely be devoured by wolves, our bodies strewn across the prairie, and our bones picked cleaned by the buzzards of the plains!

NELLIE: Is there another option?

(they are captured by bad men)

NELLIE: I had dreamed of going west, making my fortune! And starting my own line of kitchenware!

BETSY: And I dreamed to marry a rich young accountant and live in the suburbs with a time-share plan in Bermuda!

MATILTA: Too bad! These bad, bad men shall surely torture us, kill us, then leave our bodies strewn across the prairie, and our bones picked clean by the buzzards of the plains!

WHEEZY: Mama! I have chewed through my ropes! (does a bit of kung-foo action) Ahh! Ah-ha! Huh! Ho! I have completely beaten the bad, bad men! (looking at her finger) And I have broken my favorite fingernail! Oh, what shall I do?

MATILTA: Change the scene!

(and retired in Hawaii)

WHEEZY: They gave up meaningful work for community theatre.

BETSY: Their minds grew weak and they began text messaging instead of thinking.

NELLIE: Their arms grew back and they took up golf.

MATILTA: But in their heart of hearts they yearned for their days of struggle …

WHEEZY: Speak for yourself, Mama.

MATILTA: Of battling each day just to stay alive …

NELLIE: Are you nuts?

MATILTA: Of fighting the good fight and making an honest living!

BETSY: Mama’s lost her mind.

MATILTA: Of remembering those glorious, wonderful, and often cruel days of …

ALL: Over-acting on the prairie!


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