bobby & jane

Humorous, by Ken Bradbury, 1998

A boy and girl start elementary school together and finish high school as special friends — but not without some laughs along the way.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


20 - 25 minutes

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  • 28 Characters

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An excerpt …

NURC ANTONY: Friends!  Romans!  Countrymen!  Lend me your ears!  I come to bury Caesar,

not to praise him!  The evil men do lives after them!  The good is oft interred with their bones!

CAPTAIN KIRK: Come one, Bones!  You’ve got to cure him!

(bobby is sitting at a desk, writing)

BOBBY: Dear Girl, The teacher said we had to write a letter to somebody so I picked you because you sit behind me. What’s your name? Signed, the boy ahead of you.

JANE: Dear Boy, How are you?  I am fine. Thanks for writing. Don’t worry. I don’t like you very well either but I gotta do this stupid assignment. Signed, Jane.

RALPHIE: Dear Marla, Did you see the new kid trip when he walked in the room? I thought that was really funny!

MARLA: Dear Ralphie, You should not laugh at somebody on their first day of school. That is a sin. Signed, Marla.

(The joys of growing up.)

BOBBY: Dear Margaret, Does Jane like me? I mean not for a boy friend, but just sort of a friend, you know? Burn this letter. Signed, Bobby.

JANE: Dear Harvey, would you ask Bobby if he wants to go with me? I mean just as friends? Burn this letter.

HARVEY: I’ll just save this letter in a secret place and burn it later.

JANE: Dear Diary, I want to grow up to be a nun or a waitress. Something where I don’t have to worry about men!

BOBBY: Dear Journal. I am calling you a journal because a diary is for girls. Sometimes I just want to talk to somebody and so I’ll write to you. Girls are so stupid sometimes. They never shut up. But some of ‘em are sort of cool. Like guys are.

(She even has a dream about him.)

JANE:   Please Someone! Stop them! Please! Is there anyone to save me?

BOBBY: (suddenly jumping into the fray) Avast!


BOBBY: Avast, ye dirty dog! Ye villain! Ye scoundrel!

BLACKBEARD: Who be you?

BOBBY: Bobby the Brave!

BLACKBEARD: Never ‘eard of you!

BOBBY: You have now, Blackbeard! (driving him back with his “sword”) Take that! And that! And that!


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