Humorous, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

This story, in loose verse, tells of a King . . . who gave it all away.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


8 - 10 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 5 Females, 1 Male
  • 4 Females, 2 Males
  • 6 Females
  • 3 Females, 3 Males
  • 2 Females, 4 Males
  • 1 Female, 5 Males
  • 6 Males

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An excerpt …

NABOB: In the faraway land of Kib-Kan-Kanoodle there lived a young prince, name of Christopher Toodle.

BOBAN: His father was King of the Kingdom of Kwalee and all of his subjects they feared him, by golly.

NABOB: For the King was a hero! A warrior! A fighter! And even his enemies shook when they spied him!

BOBAN: But Christopher Toodle, his son, was quite strange, for he cared not for fighting and killing and rage. He loved to make pictures and music and verse, and to draw little birds on the back of his nurse.

(Not your average King.)

BOBAN: Then one summer day, the fifth year of his rule, his mother the Queen came to talk …

QUEEN: You young fool! Don’t you see what you’ve done! I should have now guessed. You caused us the awfulest snofflest mess! You won’t make a fuss over wars and Tomfoolery! You’ve given away all my jewels and my jewelry! You’ve opened our storehouse to feed all the poor. There’s hardly a biscuit to find on the floor! You’ve made such great friends with our neighbors and such, why there’s hardly a fight that’s worth fighting that much.

CHRISTOPHER: But mother …

(So, a plot is hatched.)

NABOB: The Queen planned a plan and the Queen schemed a scheme.

BOBAN: She wasn’t as motherly as she might have seemed!

NABOB: She summoned an actor of some great renown who played some bit parts in a faraway town.

QUEEN: So you are an actor!

ACTOR: (could be played by the former King … after all, he’s dead and needs a job) A great one, your liege. 

QUEEN: I’ll pay you quite well if you know what I mean.

NABOB: And the Queen told him just what she thought he must do, to ruin King Christopher’s noble pursuits.


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