Comedy, by Robert L. Crowe, 1998

A teacher recounts her career, especially with one student. The teacher is narrator of the k-12 years.

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6 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

TCH (teacher): I'm not looking for sympathy. It's my own fault. I chose teaching as a career and stayed with it for many years. Like anyone else's job it had its starts and stops, jolts and jerks. There was one thing ... perhaps I shouldn't call her a thing ... there was one element that made my career unique. I began teaching in primary grades, then taught upper elementary, then junior high and finally, senior high ... and all of them in the same community. The up-shot of this is that my students followed me ... maybe "stalked" is a better choice of words. I would move up, they would catch up. Over the years, students moved in and out of my classes ... but there was always Susan. I met her in first.

SUE: (as a first grader) Why do we have to hold our hand up? We don't have to hold our hand up at home when we want to talk and we get along fine. My daddy holds his hand up when he says he's going to smack the dog, who's always barking, but he never really hits the dog. He's just kidding ... I think. My doggie is white and leaves hair all over the house.

TCH: What was your question, dear?

SUE: I don't remember.

(the teacher moves up a few grades with the students)

SUE: (gets up from chair, walks to front of class) My report is on the planets. I think there used to be life on other planets, but their scientists were more advanced than ours. If the comic books are right, we only have about 200 more years. The end of my report. (sits)

TCH: Nestled in with the grammar and geography, we try to teach good social interaction. In addition to emphasis on everyday family life, I once organized a unit on personal relationships. We did a lot of small group work. "Now, Susie ... from all your discussion, tell us what you've learned about your class mates."

SUE: I've learned that almost everyone gets a bigger allowance than I do.

(even when they get to high school, the same girl is there)

TCH: I once taught a unit on magnets. (teaching a lesson) "I am made of tough material. My name begins with the letter "M". I pick up things. What is my name?"

SUE: Mother.

TCH: I had been with these students ... perhaps I should choose another word. Student comes from the infinitive "to study". Anyway, I had been with these young people all through their years of school. I guess it was a matter of personal pride that I kept looking for improvement.

SUE: (to the class) "My report is on the metric system. The metric system is used almost everywhere in the world except the United States. Our schools have slowly begun the transformation, and we are moving toward the metric system inch by inch."

(there is a very satisfying ending)


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