Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

A troubled young boy suspected of arson is sent to see a woman counselor. He is a very tough case — but so is she.

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8 - 10 minutes

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  • 1 Female, 1 Male

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An excerpt …

(A female psychologist has a new client.)

MILLS: Good morning. (no response)  You’re Daren, right? (nothing) Look, just have a seat. (he says nothing, staring at the floor … Ms. Mills very deliberately moves a chair  near him … nothing) You want to stand? Fine with me. (a pause as he smiles to himself and sits, arms crossed) (she picks up a note and reads) Daren Parker … You went to BethaldoMiddle School? (nothing) How old are you Daren? Daren, it won’t hurt you to answer a simple question. (nothing) Look, do you want me to leave you alone for a few minutes?

DAREN: Would you come back?

MILLS: Of course. This is my office.

DAREN: Then what’s the use?

MILLS: What?

DAREN: If you’re just gonna come back, what’s the use?

MILLS: (a pause, then) How long have you been expelled from Bethaldo?

DAREN: Everything you want to know is on that piece of paper you got in front of you. Are you gonna hassle me with these stupid questions all day? You got a smoke?

(He tries to turn the table.)

DAREN: I noticed in the phonebook that you’re single. What’s a matter? Have a little trouble with men? Need to lie down on my couch for a while so I can examine your anti-social behavior? (she stares a him … not sure how to proceed) You know, I’ll bet that’s the hardest part of your job.

MILLS: What’s that?

DAREN: Control.

(Mills has a surprise.)

MILLS: You want to know about the boy who died, Daren? You want to know about Jeremy? The little blonde kid who somebody forgot was lying on the bed in the nurse’s office when they cleared the kids from the building?

DAREN: What’re you talkin’ about?

MILLS: He was seven, Daren! Two days from his eighth birthday! You want to know what he liked, Daren? He liked Spaghetti-o’s! He liked double cheese pizza, Daren! He had a collection of baseball cards that he kept under his pillow at night and he liked soccer and riding his bike and singing in the choir. He liked to sneak into his mommy’s room and sleep at the foot of her bed after she’d gone asleep because he was afraid of the dark and he knew his mommy could protect him from anything, Daren! He was a beautiful, loving little boy, Daren! Do you want to see what he looked like when they found him? Do you? (she moves toward her desk)

(The ending is a surprise, too.)


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