Poetry, by Ken Bradbury, 1998

This comedy verse has a daughter agreeing to marry the devil to save the life of her father. The devil affirmed the bargain, but got more than he could handle.


5 - 6 minutes

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An excerpt …

(her father lay dying)

‘Twas on that night that his daughter cried and she moaned and she wailed to the empty skies,

And Belle said, “If you just spare his life, well the Devil hisself, I’ll be his wife.”

Then ‘fore you could say Bob White there come and awful sound down the chimney run,

And Belle turned around with awful yell and there stood the Devil, just fresh from hell.

(the deal was struck)

When they came to door of the fiery pit, the Devil-man said, “Well this is it!”

“Come on in and drop your coat. It’s plenty warm. Feel free to smoke.”

And Belle, she pushed back Satan’s door, and the flames rushed out with a mighty roar,

And she grabbed the Devil aside his ear and said, “There’s things I’ll need down here.”

“A feather mop … the floor’s a mess with the blood of all those souls, I guess.

“And a scrub brush too, now fetch me quick, ‘cause the looks of this place just makes me sick!

“And a gallon of paint or six or seven, and new front porch, oh that’ll be heaven!

“And move those sinners way out back. I’ll never sleep with sounds like that!

“And sofa here, that’ll be real nice, and while you’re at it, could you fetch some ice?

“And a softer bed, and brighter chair, and some doilies there beside the stair …”

(the devil had all he could take, and returned the girl to her father)


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