Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2007

Two boys go to a haunted house on a dare. The person who set up the trick — is the one who gets fooled.

Price includes 2 scripts.


6 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(Kyle dared Pete to go to the haunted house)

KYLE: Come on, Pete! You said you’d do it!

PETE: Changed my mind!

KYLE: You can’t change your mind! I dared you and you promised!

PETE: So? I lied.

KYLE: (grabs Pete into the scene. Pete ends up sprawled upon the floor) Get in here!

PETE: Ouch! What’d you that for?

KYLE: We’re in this together.

PETE: It was a stupid dare. I didn’t mean it. I wanna go home.

KYLE: No way. You said right in front of the guys that you didn’t believe in ghosts and haunted houses and I dared you to spend the night in one.

PETE: I don’t believe in haunted houses!

KYLE: Then what’s the big deal?

PETE: I didn’t mean the Potter house! This place is haunted!

KYLE: You’re an idiot.

PETE: I’m worse’n that. I’m chicken

(Kyle setup the situation to scare Pete)

PETE: I’m getting’ outta here! (he runs for an imaginary door) It’s stuck. Kyle, the door’s stuck! It won’t open!

KYLE: Yeh. That was a part of the story, too. He fixed the doors so they only opened one way. The way … of the … living … dead!

PETE: I think I’m having a heart attack.

KYLE: You’re too young to have a heart attack.

PETE: (holding his chest) It’s my heart and I know when it’s attacking!

(Pete saw the trick coming and reverses the scare)

PETE: This is old man Potter’s house, Kyle! You brought us to the wrong house! (looks up suddenly) And there’s somebody walkin’ on the floor upstairs! Quick! Run up and jump out the window and let us out!

KYLE: (truly frightened now) You crazy?  I’m not goin’ up there! 

PETE: I thought you were brave!

KYLE: No way! I’m twice as scared as you!

PETE: It serves you right! You caused all this! If old man Potter comes down the stairs right now and shoots us both then I’m never gonna speak to you again!


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