Poetry, by Ken Bradbury, 1998

Ever root for the underdog? The football waterboy gets his chance.


5 - 6 minutes

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An excerpt …

Of all the great football positions, of all the big names that they use

Of all the folks you see out playing, I’m the one who totes the juice.

I haul the water, fling the fluid, carry liquid to the crew.

I bring the water to the players, and buddy I can tote the brew!

(He has a dream about the game.)

The fans all stood in silent wonder as the speaker called my name.

No one could believe that me, the water boy was in the game.

They hiked the ball and I just faded back into the end zone grass.

I faked, I ran, I stunted, scrambled, pretendin’ like I’s gonna pass.

And just when their defense came toward me, breath so bad I smelled the stench,

I looked and saw all my receivers sittin’ injured on the bench.

(He scores!)

They picked me up! They screamed and shouted! “You’re our hero! You’re the champ!

“Oh what can we now do to serve you?”

(you smile, then)

“How ‘bout some water, Quarterback?”


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