Serious, by Laurie Allen, 1998

A girl goes to hospital to visit boyfriend who is in a coma. She has gone to cancel their engagement and meets a student nurse. A focus upon two different personalities.

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8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(Sally is a student nurse at the hospital.)

CASSIE: I know I couldn’t do it.  So … how’s Richard?

SALLY:    Pretty much the same.  But I think he has a little more color in his face today, don’t you?

CASSIE: He looks the same to me.  (squints and peers at him)  Yeah, the same. I don’t know why I bother to ask.  There never is any change.

SALLY:    Are you a relative?

CASSIE: Not exactly.  I am … I was … his fiancée.

SALLY:    Am?  Was?

CASSIE: (holds up ring) Was.  I’ve … I’ve come to say goodbye. 

(Cassie comments upon her reasons.)

CASSIE: And there are so many things going on in my life right now.  How could         anyone expect me to put things on hold, especially when he’s just lying there in a coma! 

SALLY:    But he’ll come out of the coma.  He will!

CASSIE: You know, for a student nurse on the job for only a few weeks, you sure are quick to offer your expert medical opinion!  Listen, some of the hospital’s best doctors don’t even know if he’s going to recover!

SALLY:    (pause, then quietly) Mine wasn’t a medical opinion.  It’s hope.  Maybe      I haven’t been around hospitals all that much, but I’ve seen people recover.  And I believe in the power of positive thought.  That’s all I meant.  Don’t give up hope.

CASSIE: You want to know something else, Miss Nightingale?  Even if he does wake up, the doctors don’t know if he’ll be … normal.

(A hint of what’s to come …)

SALLY:    I just thought … I thought maybe he was your true love.  He’s very handsome, you know.

CASSIE: True love?  I’m won’t hold my breath for that anymore.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, Richard really is a neat guy.  We just don’t have anything in common.  He likes motorcycles, I hate them.  He hates Chinese food, I love it.  I could go on and on.

SALLY:    Then maybe this is best.  Maybe one day you’ll find that special someone. Someone who shares your same interest.

CASSIE: Yes.  And hopefully … Richard will, too.

SALLY:    Yes.  I hope so. (pause) Have you ever held his hand? I mean, when you come to visit?

CASSIE: No.  No.

SALLY:    I do sometimes.  And I talk to him, too.


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