Humorous - Group, by Ken Bradbury, 1998

The earth's history is recounted from creation to outer space travel. The rip-roaring roller-coaster ride boasts 86 characters but it can be done with just a few energetic types.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


20 - 25 minutes

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  • 86 Characters

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An excerpt …

ALL: In the beginning ...

SOLO 3: God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep! (group enters and wanders around, murmuring blind and aimless) And God said:

GOD: Let there be light!

ALL: (all looking up and squinting) All right!

SOLO 3: Way to go, big guy!

GOD: Let there be earth!

ALL: (raising up feet) Whoa!

ALL: The Dark Ages! (wailing, moaning, crying, screaming, and lots of other awful stuff)

MONK CHOIR: Le deestay nobis ah ah ah ah new

Le deestay nobis ah ah ah ah new

Le deestay nobis ah ah ah ah new

Le deestay nobis ah ah ah ah new

SOLO 4: (over the chanting) The hoards of barbarians destroyed temples (screams) libraries (screams) killed the singing monks (screams and the monks die) and just generally screwed up the entire world!

SOLO 3: Ignorance was rampant!

INTERVIEWER: Who are you?

IGNORAMOUS: I'm ignorance and I'm rampant. Duh!

(there are a lot of events to cover)

DA VINCI: I cannot work under these conditions!

GUTENBERG: And now my wife Tammy Brunhilda will sing a Gregorian chant for you ... remember, just 400 marks and make your check to Moveable Type Ministries!

JOAN OF ARC: Help!!!!!!!!

SOLO 5: 1492!!!!

GUTENBERG: That's too cheap! I'll never pay for my condo in Munich!

SOLO 5: Columbus sailed the ocean blue!

SCOTTY: Captain! Captain! The sails will not take much more!

COLUMBUS: Damn it, Scotty, they've got to.

(our history lesson continues)

ORVILLE: (speaking into a microphone) Hi, I'm Captain Orville and I'll be your pilot on the Miami flight.

WILBUR: Who are you talking to? I'm the only one here.

ORVILLE: We don't have a full load today so we should be making good time. Your flight attendant, Wilbur, will be passing among your shortly with peanuts.

WILBUR: What are you talkin' about? We're the only ones on the plane and I ain't got no stinkin' peanuts!


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