Poetry, by Ken Bradbury, 1997

A rolling, frolicking free verse reading that pictures Jesus as a savior who celebrates with dance. This is not the hanging-on-a-cross savior, but the live and vibrant Son of God.


5 - 6 minutes

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An excerpt …

My coffee ... yeh, I'll take it black ... my fiction, slightly salty ...

And oh ... Oh, let it fill the air ... I'll take my Jesus dancing.

Not the bleeding, suffering Jesus, woeful Jesus of the thorns,

Are you washed in the Guilt of the Lamb?

Not the stained-glass, pious Jesus, holy-moldy church-hung Jesus, I'll take my Jesus dancing.


Not the tele-prompter Jesus, 1-800-FOR-A-BLESSING,

Not the Technicolor pirate “When my Rolls' recalled up yonder you'll be saved”

Not the white tuxedoed savior, taking Nashville buck by buck,

Not the silk-lined, smooth-tongued savior, topping charts with fiscal song;

Not the slick and quick-tongued hawker, Ruse of Sharon, Quick to Save ...

Not the mansion-building prophet, blindly binding bucks with blessings.


We've made our myths to match our sorrows,

Built assumptions from our fears,

Sanitized our own presumptions of your spirit through the years.

Show us now, oh Spirit Dancer ... Show us now the steps you dance,

Show the secrets to your two-step, rumba, cha-cha, spirit dance.

Oh, let it roll and rock and rumble, take the stage and make your stance.

Rock on, Rock on, oh lovely Jesus ... show us how to dance your dance!


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