Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2004

Two men crawling across a desert — see things. The mind can do some funny things.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 minutes

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  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

 (forecast: hot and dry)

JAKE: (crawling in on his belly with Gabby) I can’t take it any more, Gabby! I’m just gonna die right here.

GABBY: Don’t die on me, Jake boy! I know we can find water somewhere!

JAKE: Two months! Two months we been lost out on this desert without food or water! I read where a fella could only go three days without water and it’s been two months.

GABBY: That’s what keeps me alive, Jake.

JAKE: What’s that?

GABBY: I can’t read.

(they think they found a saloon)

GABBY: Oh, ain’t that good, Jake? Ain’t that just about the best sas-a-parilla you ever had in your life.

JAKE: (holds out the imaginary bottle and dries to drip something on his outstretched tongue) Tastes sorta dry.

GABBY: Why sure, Miss Kitty! Jake would love to dance with ya!

JAKE: Where is she?

GABBY: Ain’t you something’? She’s right there! Hey, she’s got her arms around you! You are one lucky partner, partner!

JAKE: Is she dancin’?

(the tiger’s not real, but the stagecoach …)

JAKE: (suddenly stops his rolling around) There ain’t no tiger?

GABBY: Jake, if you had a tiger on your back I’d tell ya. I’m your friend, remember?

JAKE: But you just now let that tiger …

GABBY: Jake, Jake, Jake. If we ever make it out of this desert we’ll get you some help. There’s a therapist over in Dodge City that’s had some good success with cases of heat loco. (sees something) Well, glory be! Would you look at that!

JAKE: Look at what!

GABBY: We’re saved, Jake! It’s a stage coach comin’ right at us.

JAKE: Stage coach?

(Gabby gets on the stage and rides away)


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