Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2003

Five girls go back to nature. OK, it’s the first time. They don’t handle it well.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


10 - 12 minutes

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  • 5 Females

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An excerpt …

(welcome to the campsite)

MARGIE: (entering with Franny) This can’t be it. Tell me this isn’t it.

FRANNY: (consulting her map) That’s what the map says. “Two hundred paces past the rotten log, through the Swamp of No Return, located right on the bank of LakeTorment. This has gotta be the spot.

SALLY: (offstage, screaming out) Help!

MARGIE: Sounds like Sally’s coming.

SALLY: (offstage) I’m dying out here!

FRANNY: She’s so dramatic.

SALLY: (offstage) A bear! I know that’s a bear!

CALLIE: (offstage) It’s a chipmunk, Sally.

(a good positive attitude helps)

SALLY: (sitting up) Oh no!


SALLY: I didn’t leave my folks instructions about the funeral!

CALLIE: Funeral?

SALLY: My funeral. How will they even find our bodies out here?

MARGIE: Okay, that’s enough! Let’s set up camp!

SALLY: I like that spot over there.

MARGIE: Under a tree?

SALLY: Yeh. The perfect spot for a grave marker. And you could put little flowers all around.

(a lot of planning took place before the trip)

KATIE: I’m hungry.

MARGIE: Help yourself to the beans.

KATIE: Where’s the can opener?

FRANNY: Right there by the bug spray.

KATIE: There’s no cord.  Who brought the electric cord?

CALLIE: It’s hand operated, Katie.

KATIE: Well, if that isn’t ridiculous! How does it work?

CALLIE: You stick it in your ear and …

MARGIE: Hey. No kiddin’. Anybody here ever work one of those things? (they shake their heads) Great. No food.


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