Humorous, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

Father is looking for a prince to kiss his Snow White and bring her back to life.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


10 - 12 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 1 Female, 4 Males

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An excerpt …

(The prince answers an ad to wake up Snow White.)

PRINCE HENRY: Henry. My name is Prince Henry.

PERRY: Cool. You see Snow was on this camping trip and there were these weird little men and an apple … I don’t know. It’s been two years ago and …

PRINCE HENRY: Two years! She’s been like this for two years?!

PERRY: Well … I’d just bought the new Volvo. Yeh, that would have been two years.

PRINCE HENRY: Lying here for two years!

(That’s the job. Kiss her.)

PRINCE HENRY: Okay! I’ll kiss her! (looking at Snow White tenderly) I’m sorry, my dear. I’m driven to this by desperation. (looking at a glaring Perry) … and a great deal of pressure. (preparing his lips, a bit of massage, puckering, preening and posing) … This seems so strange, dear Snow White. I mean … we’ve never even met.

PERRY: Forget the conversation! I just want a kiss! (turns and glares at DeWarf who’s about to giggle) Stop that! (to Henry) Go ahead, Charming. Lay one on her.

(But, the deli guy accidentally …)

MAURI: (backing away from him, inadvertently moving toward Snow) Geeze, man! It’s just a buck seventy. (bumps into her, dropping the crème cheese on Snow’s face) Whoa! Sorry lady!

DeWARF: You dropped the crème cheese on her face, dummy.

PRINCE HENRY: Oh, horror!

PERRY: (still on his knees) Just my luck. Now I gotta pay somebody to clean her up.

SNOW: My hero! (a stiff silence ensues as everyone stops in their tracks)

PERRY: (still on his knees, turned away from them) What was that?

DeWARF: Oh, my gosh!

PRINCE HENRY: (faints)

MAURI: (lifting her to a sitting position) Hey, what’s up, chick?

SNOW: My hero!


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