Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2001

Two girls decide to explore a brother’s room and have to hide under the bed when the brother comes home.

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8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(The two culprits slip into the room of Hannah’s brother.)

HANNAH: (moving around the room) Wow! Would you look at all this stuff! It’s like a museum or somethin’.

SHERRY: (suddenly grabbing Hannah’s hand) Let’s go Hannah. I don’t like snoopin’ around your big brother’s room.

HANNAH: Relax, Sherry. He’s at ball practice. Besides, what’s the big deal? You’ve seen bedrooms before.

SHERRY: Not a boy’s!

HANNAH: It’s the same as a girl’s. Just … weirder. (seeing something on the wall) Holy cow! I wonder if Mom knows he’s got those pictures?

SHERRY: Who is it?

HANNAH: It sure ain’t grandma. Man, whoever it is, I’ll bet she’s cold. You think she couldn’t afford regular clothes?

(The brother and a friend show up and the girls crawl under the bed.)

HANNAH: Don’t move! We gotta stay under here.

SHERRY: Well duh! Where would I go? (reacts to something in her face) Oh, yuck! (moves to push it away)

HANNAH: (stopping her) No! Don’t push his shoe back out there! They’ll know we’re here!

SHERRY: It’s gaggin’ me!

HANNAH: Then suffer! (reacts, sputters) Ohh … I got the other one.

SHERRY: He throws his socks under here and I’m gonna loose it. I swear I will. (both girls are suddenly crushed from above and emit a painful “Umph!”) (barely able to get out the words) They’re … sittin’ ... on the … bed!

(The brother left a letter he wrote.)

SHERRY: (sees something and picks it up) Look … Hannah, he did write you a note! Look! “Dear Hannah …”

HANNAH: (grabbing it from her) Gimme that! “Dear Hannah. You really are the sweetest little sister a guy could ever have …” I’m gonna cry again! “Nobody has a sister as sweet as mine even though I don’t always treat you the best.” You got that right, Brucie.

SHERRY: Read … read the rest!

HANNAH: “I just want to tell you that I love you very much …”


HANNAH: “… but if you ever crawl under my bed and snoop on me again, I’ll throw you right through the couch!”



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