Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2001

Two mountain climbing friends discover major secrets.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(Everest has in mind to jump.)

PIKE: We can reach the top before night.

EVEREST: You sure?

PIKE: I can see it from here.

EVEREST: Let me loosen this rope.

PIKE: Don’t! Come on now. We can’t get sloppy.

EVEREST: It’s cuttin’ me in half.

PIKE: Don’t loosen the rope. I can’t hold you if somethin’ happens.

EVEREST: You know … (takes a deep breath) ... it’s really not that important.

PIKE: What? It’s not that important that you might fall? Have you looked down lately?

EVEREST: I’ve looked down a lot. That’s why it doesn’t make much difference.

(Then he finds Pike had planned to kill him.)

EVEREST: You took out a million-buck policy on me!??

PIKE: I had to!

EVEREST: Then let go of me, you idiot!

PIKE: I can’t!

EVEREST: Why not?

PIKE: Because … because I love you, man!


PIKE: I didn’t know you were gonna do this!

EVEREST: This is crazy! You’d kill me but you won’t let me kill myself!

PIKE: I can’t let go now! Not after you’d do this for me!

EVEREST: Do what? You were gonna kill me!

PIKE: I changed my mind!

(But … they finally talk it out, and …)

EVEREST: So. Whadda we do now?

PIKE: I’m just glad I’ve got a now.

EVEREST: (a long beat, then) Me, too.

PIKE: Really?

EVEREST: Yeh. Dumb idea.

PIKE: Yours or mine?

EVEREST: What’s the difference?



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