Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1998

Ever write a note to someone in school? Meet the champs in exchanging who-likes-whom & what's-happening-now.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 1 Female, 1 Male

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An excerpt …

(Jeff enters, looks around a moment, then begins to write as he speaks.)

JEFF: Dear Jason, thanks for showing me around the school yesterday. I hate moving to a new school but you made it easier.   Most of the kids seem pretty cool. What was the girl’s name in math … the one who kept looking at me?

JONI: (enters, writes as she speaks) Dear Jo-Ellyn. Did he say his name was Jeff? I was staring at him so hard I didn’t even hear what he said. Is he going with anybody? Write back. I’ve got to know.

(They should be good at writing … )

JONI: Dear Melinda, I’m writing this note at home because Jeff said he was going to call tonight and he hasn’t called yet and I think he’s just playing with my emotions and I could just die! I mean, I feel so embarrassed. He said, “We’ll talk tonight.” I mean, that meant he was going to call, right? I mean, what else could he be talking about? I  think I’ll just die if he doesn’t call. You may not see me at school tomorrow and I mean that. Joni.

JEFF: (to himself) She still hasn’t called. Maybe I should call her. What if her dad answers? I’ll hang up. Wrong number.  I hate this stuff. Makes me a nervous wreck.

(After a lot of notes and letters, they finally talk to each other.)

JONI: (still reading) … If you’d like to meet me sometime outside of school, that’d be okay with me I guess. I mean, I’d really like to do that, because I think you’re really nice …

JEFF: … so maybe we could talk sometime when we’re not in school and not on the phone, maybe over in the park after school. That’s a real nice place to …

JONI: … I think the park would be a great place to meet, so I’ll see you there right after …

JEFF: (he turns and she’s there) Hi.

JONI: Hi Jeff. 

JEFF: I guess we got off to kind of a funny start, didn’t we?


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