Comedy-some serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

This choral reading observes some of the problems of entering the teen years. Junior High level. Purchase master script and make as many copies as needed.


10 - 12 minutes

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An excerpt …

(solo voices)

·        Adolescence is a disease caught between the ages of 10 and 14. Sometimes people get over it.

·        No one has ever died from adolescence but some parents have been damaged beyond repair.

·        Girls enter adolescence about two years before boys. This gives them a head start and a way to escape before the boys get there.

·        Boys enter adolescence then they get out when they get their driver’s license. Then they have kids of their own and it starts all over again.

·        Puberty is the best part of adolescence but only if you discover it on your own. When teachers talk about it I want to bury my head in my book bag.


SON: My Dad sat me down on the sofa and told me

DAD: My son, it is time that we talked.

BOYS: I told him,

SON: You mean about X-men and pirates and baseball?

BOYS: He said,

DAD: No, a man-to-man talk.

BOYS: He said,

DAD: It’s time that we covered, the things that a young man should know … About all the birds and the bees and the things that … uh … you know … make this world go.

SON: You mean …

BOYS: I replied,

SON: … like computers and cars and music and TV and such?

DAD: Not quite,


GIRLS: When God made the boys He must have been sleepy

And made some mistakes so they turned out real creepy.

He must have been working on monkeys or cats.

Why else would a boy seem so much like a rat?

A boy isn’t normal, a boy isn’t nice

A boy picks his nose and he wiggles his eyes.

A boy scratches places that shouldn’t be scratched.

A boy’s like a chicken that’s just not quite hatched.

He’s rude and he’s crude when he stumbles to speak

And he changes his socks at least once a week.

A dog’s at least loving and loyal and kind.

But when God made the boy he left his out mind.


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