4 Characters - Comedy, some serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2013

It's a strange gift from her grandmother – an empty box; but then it turns into something more. Three iconic women from the past appear to give Lydia advice about believing in herself.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


8 - 11 minutes

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  • 4 Females

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An excerpt …

(Lydia explains her problems.)

CLEO: So what’s your problem, child?

LYDIA: Problem?

CLEO: Your granny kept us inside that box to help you out after she’d gone. She really likes you, you know that?

LYDIA: Help me?

CLEO: Oh please, you’re among friends. We could hear you talking to yourself when we were in the box.

LYDIA: Okay… this is weird, but here goes. My friends at school…I just can’t do anything to please them. They form these little … I don’t know … cliques. For no reason they just don’t talk to you.

(some advice)

ANNIE: Want some advice, kid?

LYDIA: Sure!

ANNIE: You can’t change other people.

LYDIA: Then there’s no hope?

CLEO: Of course there’s hope! That’s why we’re here!

EVE: You can’t change other people, but you can change how you react to other people. You can change you!

ANNIE: You oughta seen the way kids made fun of me growin’ up. The other girls was wearin’ frilly little lace dresses and actin’ all fru-fru, then there was dumb old me … wrestlin’ steers and jumpin’ in creeks.

LYDIA: What’d you do?

ANNIE: I tried actin’ like a proper lady but I kept spillin’ my tea and bustin’ my crumpets. I decided to be somebody I’d never been before!


ANNIE: Me! I became me, girl! And you know what? I became the best gosh-derned me I’d ever seen! They respect me now!


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