Comedy, by Robert L. Crowe, 2004

TV talk-show host loses control of the program to three eccentric guests

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


10 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 2 Females, 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(the start was pretty tame)

ANNCR: Hello All! Thanks for coming on our TV show, “Right Now!”

LOU: (sits in chair right next to ANNCR) Hi, ______. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to talk about my new film. (During this time, Mongoose is shooting arrows at the audience and Madelyn is standing, taking notes. Oh, which camera is on … this one or that one.

ANNCR: It’s always the one with the red light.

LOU: Every time I see a red light I want to stop. You should have green lights on top of those. But, you asked about my new film, “Sons and Daughters of Sons and Daughters.” It’s about a Chile chef …   that’s hard to say … a Chile chef during World War I. Oh, he doesn’t cook chili, you silly. He’s from Chile. Me? I play the part of a submarine captain only, unbeknownst to everyone except the audience watching, I am an undercover reporter from a Norwegian Food Magazine.

ANNCR: I see.

LOU: No, silly. It wasn’t icy! It was hot most of the time. Those submarines have such bright lights

(there’s a political analyst)

MADELYN: Do you have a question of me? If not, I’m leaving.

ANNCR: Oh … yes. You’re a well known political analyst. What is your analysis of the … of the … political …

MADELYN: It’s money! Too much money being wasted on too many things. I think that if the current administration doesn’t get their act together pretty quick, the American people will demand an apology … or maybe impeachment. The trouble, Dan …

ANNCR: It’s ______ .(insert your first name)

MADELYN: Whatever. The problem is that you can’t impeach a whole congress. They’re too elusive. They scatter when you get near the truth.

(and an explorer)

MONGOOSE: Reminds me of the time I was hunting Cape Buffalo.

LOU: Gosh, that must have really been funny … a buffalo wearing a cape.

MADELYN: (flashes her a quick look and continues) My new book exposes the federal cover-up of the mis-use of the people’s money, the flagrant unchecked spending on un-needed and unused defense material. For example, guided missile systems in stained glass containers and tanks with swimming pool fold-outs …

LOU: I did a fold-out once … but it wasn’t in the center of the book.

MADELYN: (to Lou) I’m sure if you were in it, it was a little off-center. (To ANNCR) Yes, the book is well researched and will withstand the sands of time.

MONGOOSE: Not nearly as hard as withstanding the sands of the Sahara. I walked for days withstanding the wilting sun and moon. Just as I thought I was going to die from thirst I found myself in a jungle about to die from a band of pygmies. (he does the blowgun bit)

LOU: What happened? Did they kill you?

MONGOOSE: Almost. Come to find out they were politicians and they soon hired me as a consultant. They had no money but needed a national defense system. I devised a system of deep holes … (peers down as if a deep hole)


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