Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2003

A girl asks her friend for “— just one more favor.” She wants her friend to double date. There’s just one little problem.

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8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(Libby needs Marcy to double date the guy’s friend)

LIBBY: He’s got a sweet personality, Marcy.

MARCY: He’s a nerd, Libby! A full-fledged computer geek who can only talk about bits and bytes and how to beef up your memory chips. That is not my idea of romance.

LIBBY: Look, it’s just one night. Just give me a chance with Cliff this one time and I’ll never ask you anything like this again.

MARCY: How many times have you told me that? “Oh Marcy, just lend me lunch money and I’ll never ask you anything again!” “Oh Marcy, if you just give me this one math problem then I’ll never ask you anything again!” You always ask me again, Libby. You’re … you’re an addict.

LIBBY: Is that your final answer?

(he calls to check on things)

LIBBY: Yeh, everything’s on for tonight.


LIBBY: Are you kidding? She can’t wait.

MARCY: What are you talking about?

LIBBY: Well, I didn’t call you back because Marcy was so excited!

MARCY: What did you tell him, Libby?

LIBBY: Yeh. She can hardly contain herself.

MARCY: I’m going to strangle you!

LIBBY: You should see how her eyes lit up when I told her.

MARCY: That is fire, lady! That is fire in my eyes! Give me that phone!

(a sharp twist. Cliff’s friend can’t go.)

LIBBY: You’re going to take us both?

MARCY: Hey, Cliff, did I ever tell you I love the way you dance?

LIBBY: (to Marcy) No, you don’t!

MARCY:   (putting her arm around Cliff) Oh, but I do, Libby. I really do.

LIBBY:   But … mean, two dates?

MARCY:  Yeh, you’re right, Cliffy. We’re more like sisters to you.

LIBBY:    What!?

MARCY:   Come on, Marcy. Loosen up a little.


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