Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2003

Two girls are members of the wedding party. This is a wedding never seen before. One girl has the ring — but it’s on her toe!

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(ready, set …)

MARGIE: (trying to adjust Patty’s dress from behind) Sorry babe, but this stuff won’t stretch. You’re the flower girl. If you’ve got a gap somewhere, just stick a flower in it.

PATTY: Pull harder.

MARGIE: I am pulling harder.

PATTY: I hate weddings.

MARGIE: You’ve never been to a wedding.

PATTY: That doesn’t matter. I know I hate them. When I grow up I’m just going to get a dog and go live in a trailer in Switzerland.

MARGIE: Your dog’ll freeze.

PATTY: Then I’ll put a wedding dress on him. (hears something) Margie! The music’s starting!

MARGIE: (beginning to exit) That’s it. I quit.

PATTY: (grabbing her) You can’t quit! It’s your sister’s wedding! There’ll be this big … hole … up there where you’re supposed to be.

(the ceremony has begun)

MARGIE: I’m starting to itch again.

PATTY: Don’t scratch, Margie. Do not scratch! Think about something else.

MARGIE: I am. A dog in Switzerland. And my foot is killing me.

PATTY: Here comes your sister. Oh! Isn’t she gorgeous, Margie?

MARGIE: How come she’s not itching?

PATTY: I saw her powdering up before she got dressed.

MARGIE: Powder. Why didn’t I think of powder?

(here’s the problem)

PATTY: The ring, Margie. You’re supposed to have the groom’s ring.

MARGIE: I am? Where’d I put it?

PATTY: Remember? You were playing around with it and you … (it hits her) ... Margie?


PATTY: You were kidding around and you put it on the little toe of your right foot. Where’d you put it when you took it off?

MARGIE: Patty …

PATTY: What’d you do with it, Margie?

MARGIE: Patty.

PATTY: What’s wrong with you?

MARGIE: I didn’t take it off. That’s why my right shoe is killing me. There’s a wedding ring stuck on my little toe.

PATTY: (groans)

MARGIE: Shoot me now, Patty. Just get it over with.


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