Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 1998

A mother and daughter have an emotional clash about personal life styles.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(Mother and daughter at breakfast.)

LINDA: (a sigh, then) Randy, I was still up waiting for you at two o’clock this morning.

RANDY: Sorry.

LINDA: That’s it? No explanation of where you were?

RANDY: (a sigh, then) Mom …

LINDA: Go ahead and eat your breakfast. We’ll talk about it later.

RANDY: Let’s don’t. Let’s just don’t talk about it again. I’m really tired, Mom.

LINDA: We have to talk about, Randy. You’re still a minor. I’m still your mother. I need to know where you are.

RANDY: Sorry. I’ll call next time. Promise.

(An emotional scene unfolds.)

RANDY: I know. What friends? Then, “Where did you go?” Then, “What did you do?” Then in a minute or two of yelling at each other we’ll work our way all the way up to “Why do you do these things, Randy?” And I’ll scream “I don’t know! I just do!” Then you’ll scream something back in that precious, motherly way of yours, and I’ll slam my cold toast on the table and I’ll run to my room and slam the door, and you’ll sit here crying at the kitchen table until lunch. Then you’ll tip-toe … a concerned, motherly tip-toe … to my room and you’ll tap-tap-tap on the door and you’ll say Randy? Are you hungry, dear? And I won’t answer, so you’ll do it again and again  … and pretty soon I’ll know you’ll leave me alone if I just come out and we’ll eat lunch, then you’ll say, “Randy, I’m really sorry about yelling at you. Can’t we just talk?”  Is there something you want to add to the routine this time, mother, or can we just skip it all and somehow save this poor piece of toast?

(There is no easy answer.)

LINDA: (grabbing Randy’s hands) Do you know how much I love you, Randy?

RANDY: Probably not. Remember, I’m still a kid.

LINDA: What can I ever do to … I don’t know …

RANDY: Nothing. I’m gonna keep my friends. I’m gonna stay the way I am. But let’s change one thing, okay?

LINDA: What?

RANDY: (coming to face her) Trust me, Mom. Just trust me. Talk to me … a lot. I’ve never told you, but I really like that. And trust me, Mom. You’ve got no reason to, but do it anyway because (coming to tears) … because I really, really need that right now, okay? I really need for you to just trust me. For no good reason. I don’t deserve it, but please … please just trust me. (she falls into Linda’s arms)

LINDA: (a long pause as she holds her daughter, then) I will. I will, Randy, I will.


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