Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1999

An insurance agent visits the mother to discuss an insurance claim. It seems the son, Joshua, has destroyed an entire city.

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8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(Your friendly insurance agent …)

Juster: Ms. Addie Juster. I’m the agent for Jericho Insurance Associates.

Nun: Really.  Did you come to fix the sink? I called two days ago.

Juster: Sink?

Nun: It’s backed up. And the garbage disposal went kablooey, too. Heck of day. I got carrots all over the sink, no where to go.

Juster: Are you the mother of Joshua?

Nun: He can’t fix anything. “Joshua,” I say. “Stay home for once. Help your mother.” Did you know my little puppy Petey hasn’t been taken out in two weeks. He just sits there and swells up. You think you can fix the sink?

Juster: Mrs. Nun, I did not come to fix the sink. Could I have a seat?

Nun: Sure. But don’t sit on Petey. That sucker pops and we’re gonna have a mess like you wouldn’t believe.

Juster: I’ve come to talk about your son, Joshua. I suppose you know what happened in Jericho yesterday.

Nun: Was it yard sale day? By the time I get around to reading the paper, all the good stuff’s gone.

Juster: It wasn’t a yard sale, Mrs. Nun. It was a disaster.

Nun: Oh, a dance recital.  Glad I missed it.

Juster: Mrs. Nun, your son destroyed the city of Jericho yesterday!

(Mom doesn’t seem too upset.)

Juster: I am not interested in your son’s music, Mrs. Nun. It’s his destruction of an entire city!

Nun: I told you. The kid’s a klutz.

Juster: This was not an accident, Mrs. Nun. He purposely marched his group around Jericho for seven days blowing those trumpets. Then on seventh day he commanded his friends to shout and the place fell into a heap!

Nun: You should see the way he keeps his bedroom. Kids.

(Juster really wants to meet the kid.)

Nun: Should be home by seven. He’s a klutz but he’s never late. Stop by later and I have him play his horn for you.

Juster: (frantically writing this all down) Be home by seven, never late…

Nun: He drives a Pontiac Chariot … be parked right out front.

Juster: Believe me, Mrs. Nun, the authorities will be here to listen to his so-called trumpet. And we’ll be here in force.

Nun: Oh good.. Bring a crowd, would you … and tell ‘em to bring their fanciest cars…anything that’ll stand up. Joshua and his boss really like big fancy things like cars and houses … And walls.

Juster: (still writing) This is wonderful. We’ll be here. And be sure to tell Joshua to bring his so-called higher authority. We’d just love to meet Him.

Nun: Good.


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